We do not admire work because of its past but because of its enduring present.
Yanagi Sōetsu

Westchester, Pennsylvania,  2005

… a tangle of memory and experience spiraling into the light of a New Year …
on the eve of the New Year 2012

World Cup celebration, Ironbound, Newark, 2010

Rainbow River, Dunnellon, Florida, 2009

Vigo, Verano 2009

Cordoba, 2008

Generalife, “garden of the architect” the Alhambra

Faro, Portugal, Algarve Peninsula, July 27, 2008

… some chains are no more than shadows,
others, … links between the milestones of great ideas …

Cementerio, Coruxo, 2007

Las Cies, 2007

Carreterra Vilarmiel, Lugo, 2007

Biaona La Real, España, 2007